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Drapery TrendsDrapery Trends
Drapery Trends Drapery Trends
Ella's Drapery Trends

Drapery TrendsDrapery Trends is a Quick & Easy custom program of superior quality window treatments made right here in Canada.  Our Quick delivery and Easy pricing and ordering process make’s Drapery Trends a great choice for window treatments. 
Ready-made, store bought drapery offers only a limited choice of widths, lengths, and styles making it challenging to get the right fit for a particular window.  Full custom drapery has a long delivery time and may be too expensive.

Drapery Trends solves these decorating dilemmas by offering a large selection of sizes and customized lengths to fit most windows and has a quick turnaround time.  We have a simplified system for pricing and ordering so that it’s easy to get a full drapery and hardware package.
Drapery Trends has grown to offer a selection of over 200 fabrics and also features an attractive selection of co-ordinating drapery hardware.

Drapery Trends is the Quick & Easy custom window treatment solution for every window! We have a Quick delivery time of 2 to 3 weeks on our custom products and an Easy pricing and ordering system.

Drapery Trends – Beautiful designer window treatments to help create the perfect mood and look in every room!




DRAPERY TRENDS– Beautiful designer window treatments. Quick & Easy!
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