Drapery Hardware

Radiance 1 1/8" diameter
A simple and elegant design for your pinch pleat and grommet drapery. 
Classic Deco 1 1/2" diameter | view Hardware |

The Classic Deco is a decorative traverse rod made to effortlessly glide your drapery panels. Supports are rear mounted allowing unobstructed traversing for lengths up to 180" with options for left draw, right draw or center draw. 
Classic Deco Mini 1 1/8 diameter
A smaller diameter than the Classic Deco with the same great functionality and customization. 
Modern Deco 
The Modern Deco hardware will give any room a contemporary feel. With its rectangular shape and simple end cap design, your drapery panels will not be disappointed. This is a traversing channel track rod to be used with our Modern Wave panels or pinch pleat drapery. 
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