Measuring & Installation


Drapery Tips
These tips are the finishing touches that you need when installing drapery.  Knowing how and where your draperies are supposed to sit will give your window treatments a professional touch. 
How to measure your window
 Basic window measurements

A    Top of window trim to ceiling or crown moulding.  This measurement is important because it tells you how much room you have for mounting hardware brackets. 
B    Edge of window trim on left to edge of window trim on right.
C     Top of frame to floor or desired finished length.
D    Ceiling or Crown moulding to floor.
Other important measurements

E     Stack Back.  This is the amount of wall or window space your drapes will use when opened.
    Edge of trim to wall measure.  This measurement can help you determine how much wall space can be used for stack back.
   Floor Clearance.  Your drapery should sit above the floor ½” to ¾”.


Installation tips
Pinch pleated drapery (PPL)
PPL drapes sit in front of I-beam track. 
PPL drapes sit below decorative hardware. When using decorative hardware the top of the drapery sits below the ring.

Hooks can be adjusted on site. These hooks come out of the drapery and can be adjusted to whatever height you require.

Grommet panels
Grommet panels sit above the rod 1 ¼” – you need to add this extra amount to your finished length when ordering. 

Modern wave
Modern wave panels always sit below the rod NEVER in front. Whatever hardware you choose must have a channel and will be visible. 

Most valances are mounted on Velcro tracks. Using Velcro tracks makes taking your valances down to clean much easier.
Wall mounted – metal velcro tracks, there are different projection sizes available, 2”, 3”, 4” 5”, 6” & 8”. 
PVC velcro –for inside mounts or ceiling mounted valances. Notch out the top of the velcro track to create your return. 



How to take care of your window treatments
Don’t dry clean your window treatments. You take the risk of your window covering shrinking, discolouring or if any trim was glued on your trim falling off.
Do vacuum your drapes or valances with a low suction vacuum.
Do take your drapes down and shake them out or put them in the dryer on fluff or air (NOT HEAT) to take the dust out. Remember to take out your hooks!
Most sheers that are 100% polyester are washable. 
DO NOT put them in the dryer or they will get a permanent crease that you will NOT be able to press out. Hang them damp on the window where they usually hang and put towels below to catch any drips. You can wash your sheers in the wash machine on the gentle cycle and in cold water or hand wash them in the tub. Remember to take out your hooks! 

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